Know your mind

  • Mind is the key of your health and wealth and it is the best solution for your health and wealth.
  • What your think, what you will be.
  • Mind dominates the action, the action makes the results.
  • There are three kinds of mind/spirit in human being body: Self Mind, Parents Mind, Educated Mind.
  • Self Mind
    • Self Mind decides who you are.
    • Make self recovery system work in the perfect level.
    • It is spontaneous, selfless, peaceful, broad-minded, fearless, and happy.
  • Self mind controls the body when:
    • Less than 3 years old.
    • Practice Qigong in high level.
    • When you are sleeping.
    • When crisis happens.
  • Parents mind
    • You get it from your parents.
    • It is parents love and support for you.
  • Educated mind
    • It is from society.
    • It is passive, selfish, irritable, narrow-minded, craven and worried.
    • It controls people most of the time.
    • It makes self-recovery system working in low level.
  • We should respect God, respect parents, respect people, keep spontaneous, selfless, peaceful, broad-minded, fearless and happy, then your Self Mind will be in charge of your body, your self recovery system will work in a perfect level, your health and wealth key will be in your hand.

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