Know how your lungs work

  • LL is an abbreviate of Lung & Large intestine system.
  • LL dominates sorrow/sadness, over sorrow/sadness will hurt LL.
  • LL controls airways and breathing. Breathing includes “inhale” and “exhale”, “inhale” needs KB(Kidney & Bladder System) to cooperate, if “inhale” is hard, we need take care of KB at the same time; if “exhale” is hard, generally, we will take care of LL.
  • LL brings fresh air in and releases dirty air out converting venous blood into arterial blood for all of body use
  • LL controls the hair hole for necessary opening(for detox) and closing(for protection) to maintain proper function of human body.
  • LL connects with throat and nose, generates sense of smell. Throat and nose problems are LL problems.
  • LL manages phlegm/mucus for keeping lungs moisture and cleaning.
  • LL spreads and push down nutrients and energy to support KB proper function and all over the body.

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