Know how your liver works

  • LG is an abbreviate of Liver & Gallbladder System.
  • LG dominates anger, over anger will hurt LG, will make LG energy stasis or stuck for attacking all of the body instead of smoothing all of body energy.
  • LG generates decisions, clear, correct and quick decisions making depends on strong LG.
  • LG keeps all of body energy smoothing to support HS(Heart & Small Intestine System) to manage the whole body which has sound blood circulation.
  • LG helps digestion by releasing gallbladder juice into the intestine, if LG energy stasis or stuck, gallbladder juice will be pushed up to SS system and people will have bitter mouth, we need to smooth LG energy to improve this kind of issue.
  • LG is a detox system which will detox the toxins generated by the body or by food intake.
  • LG stores blood, when people sleep or have a rest, most blood of the body will be stored in LG, if LG is not working properly, people could have bleeding issues or vomit blood.
  • LG controls tendons, two sides of head, two sides under arms, discomfort or sufferings on these parts shows LG problems.
  • LG is connected with nails and eyes, to make better nails or eyesight, we need to work on LG.
  • For women, LG controls fertility, breast, ovaries, uterus, properly working of these parts needs ladies to have LG in sound condition.

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