Know how your heart works

  • HS is an abbreviate of Heart & Small Intestine System.
  • HS is the house of Educated Mind, Educated Mind is located in Heart of HS.
  • HS is the king of your body, it controls your perception & consciousness.
  • HS dominates joy/laugh, over joy/laugh will hurt HS.
  • HS controls blood flows and blood circulation of your body.
  • HS is connected with face and tongue, facial and tongue conditions will show HS condition. If your face is pale, it shows your HS fire energy is low; if your face is too much red, it shows your HS fire toxin is high; if you feel your tongue stops moving in a sudden and it happens from time to time, it shows the possible heart attack will happen.
  • HS controls sleep, your sound sleep needs strong HS to support.
  • HS fire energy will support SS to digest foods & drinks.

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