Know how wind makes you sick

  • Weather includes wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness & fire.
  • Weather is classified as Natural & human-made weather.
  • Moderate weather is the natural condition on which all things live.
  • Crazy or relative crazy weather will possibly do harm to you.
  • Wind is fire toxin, sportive.
  • Wind is classified as internal and external wind.
  • External wind is from the weather, internal wind is from your own body.
  • External wind can open pores for people to have sweat.
  • External Wind mainly invades your body through skin, head, upper and lower back.
  • Wind can make itchy skin or pimples, but pimples will be red because wind is fire toxin, and flickering because wind is sportive.
  • Wind can make joints’ pain but the pain will be wandering from its sportive property.
  • Wind will make people shaking, vertigo, twitching of limbs, angulation of horn arch, looking up with both eyes from its sportive property either.
  • Wind happens in Spring more often or windy circumstances.

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