Know how cold|heat|dampness make you sick

  • Cold is water toxin, it consumes fire energy.
  • Cold will freeze energy flow to make stagnation.
  • Cold will freeze blood flow to make blockage.
  • Cold will make different kinds of pains from its freezing property.
  • Cold will make energy contraction to make cramps, pores closing, and chills.
  • Cold happens in winter mainly or cold circumstances.
  • Heat is fire toxin, it is hot.
  • Heat will consume water energy and make people annoyed.
  • Heat is always together with dampness toxin.
  • Heat happens in summer mainly or hot circumstances.
  • Dampness is water toxin, it consumes fire energy.
  • Dampness is heavy and makes people have heavy feelings.
  • Dampness is viscous and make stools greasy and sticky, if dampness is in SS, people could have dysentery; in KB, people could have prostatitis or KB stones; in LG, people could have hepatitis or gall-stone; in joints, people could have arthritis.
  • Dampness is more difficult to be dispelled than any other toxins.
  • Dampness likes to attack the lower body and joints.
  • Dampness happens in late summer mainly or the humid circumstances.

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