Know about Heshoutang Questionnaire

  • Heshoutang Questionnaire is a tool which Heshoutang Member will use for doing personal assessment and getting health plans for clients.
  • It mainly contains symptoms which most people can understand instead of using unintelligible words.
  • “Translate Symptoms to Products” is the way how Heshoutang Questionnaire works.
  • With Heshoutang Questionnaire, we can deal with most health issues people have.
  • We deal with symptoms, we even needn’t to know what kind of disease people have, if symptoms disappear, generally the disease will disappear also.
  • Main Problem
    • “Main Problem” is what people are mostly concern, that is why the people come to you;
    • Generally, total products are no more than five kinds;
    • Products related to “Main Problem” are firstly considered about;
  • How Long
    • “How Long” suggests the difficulty level of “Main Problem”
    • The longer time of “Main Problem”, the more difficult and the more time needed for managing “Main Problem”.
    • Generally, if the problem is over 3 months, the problem will be considered as chronic status, it will be more difficult to manage, but it depends on individual condition too. 
  • Occupation
    • “Occupation” will help Heshoutang members to find out causes of problem, such as work related or work environment related problem as we mentioned on “Causes of Bad Health” 
  • Age
    • “Age” will suggest Heshoutang members the degree of difficult to treat the problem, the younger the easier, the elder the more difficult. 

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